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CRITERION AVC-25DVA Digital Dielectric Strength Tester

The model AVC-25VA is the most frequently used for CSA approval testing. The model has continuously adjustable output potential from zero to 2500 volts to cover practically all the test voltages called up by CSA, Ontario Hydro and UL for breakdown testing. The instrument is equipped with large High-Voltage, Power and Fault lamps, automatic cut-out, and continuously indicating high voltage voltmeter right across the test probe.


• Input 120V, 60Hz, rated at 500Va
• Adjustable output potential from zero to 2500Vac
• Indicator lamps for Power on, High Voltage on, Fault and Line Fault
• Automatic cut -out
• Continuously indicating high-voltage voltmeter
• Safety device for incorrectly wired outlet
• Reset button
• Portable plug-in unit
• Heavy-duty retractable probe
• Made in Canada
• Input 120V 60Hz
• Output Adjustable 0-2500 V ac @95mA
• Transformer Rated 500Va
• Voltmeter 0-2500V ac Accuracy ±2% of full scale
• Ammeter 0-100mA Accuracy ±2% of full scale
• Trip Current Fixed @95mA ±5%
• Indicators: 4 Lights (Power-on, high-voltage-on, fault and line-fault
• Controls: One on/off switch, one fuse, one reset push-button, one high-voltage adjust knob and safety device for faulty power outlet
• Leads: One input line-cord, one ground lead and one high-voltage lead c/w a retractable probe. Each is 2 meters (6ft) long
• Size: 11W x 6.5D x 6.5H inches
• Weight: 9kg (20 lb)

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