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2132-IN 1000V Analogue Insulation Resistance Tester

The SEW 2132IN is a robust analogue insulation and continuity tester, designed for everyday testing of electrical installations, motors and electrical components. This is an excellent unit with three test ranges of 250V, 500V and 1000V making it an easy-to-use tester, but it is built for use in rugged environments and is housed within a tough ABS case, which has the instrument built in, plus a storage compartment for test leads.
Because of it's ease of use, and large easy to read, analogue display with taut band movement, coupled with the built-in voltmeter, and continuity tester, the 2132IN is a very popular choice for those in need of a straightforward device which gets the job done, especially those technicians who may prefer an analogue instrument. The adjustment dial makes it possible for the user to zero the needle and the mirror strip behind the needle gives the user an ability to ensure that the readings are taken with maximum accuracy.
The faceplate of the instrument has all the features ergonomically laid out, including the dial selector, test button (with lock function) and adjustment dial. Two LEDs warn when any voltage in the test circuit is detected and when voltage is being applied to the circuit under test. A battery check feature is also built into this unit.

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