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REED SD-1128 Data Logging Light Meter

Real-time data logger with integrated SD memory card (optional) measures/records ambient light levels in Foot Candles or Lux and contact temperature with optional type J/K thermocouple probe.
This SD series datalogging light meter has a wide measurement range up to 100,000 Lux (10,000 Foot Candles) and features user selectable sampling rates from 1 to 3600 seconds. Using an SD card (max 16Gb) a user can select a desired sampling rate and quickly generate an Excel file without the use of software. Optional accessories include a tripod and AC adapter for continuous long-term monitoring. Optional PC software also allows a user to track live measurements.
• Measures ambient light levels in Foot Candles or Lux
• Photo diode and colour correction filters meet C.I.E. spectrum specifications
• Contact temperature measurement with a type J/K thermocouple option
• Temperature is measured in °C or °F
• Real time data logger with integral SD memory card
• User selectable sampling rate from 1 to 3600 seconds
• Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
• Data hold and Min/Max functions
• Optional PC software features live tracking via USB connection
• Tripod mount for long-term monitoring
• Low battery indicator and auto shut off
What's included with the REED SD-1128
• Light Meter Datalogger
• Detachable Sensor
• Sensor Cover
• Batteries

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